Cuyuna is the upper Midwest’s mountain biking North Star.”

MplsStPaul Magazine, February 2021

Explore 70 miles of singletrack mountain bike trails nestled in the Minnesota Northwoods of Cuyuna. You’ll enjoy mountain bike trails for all skill levels—from beginner to expert, easy to technical—while taking in unmatched scenic. Cuyuna is ranked among the best mountain biking destinations in the US, and one of the top places to visit in the world—better plan to stay a while!

But we’re more than mountain bike trails. Cuyuna boasts more than 100 miles of paved trail and gravel road cycling adventures, too. Here, you’ll discover farm-to-table dining, craft beer, and multiple styles of lodging to suit your tastes and budget—from camping to hostels, motels, lofts, B&Bs—even yurts.

Once you’ve experienced Cuyuna Adventure Town USA®, the Red Dirt will keep calling you back.

Welcome home.
Welcome to Cuyuna Adventure Town USA®

miles of paved trail.
miles of natural shoreline.
miles of mountain bike trails.
mile gravel and asphalt grinder.
acres of adventure.

Tall green trees.

With 6,000 acres of mother nature’s
best man-made creation, you’ll never forget
Cuyuna’s distinct flavor of wild.

Clear blue lakes.

Cuyuna’s mine lakes are so deep they
tapped the wellspring of the gods. 40-foot
water clarity and unbelievable underwater adventures.

Some say our waters have magical powers.

Red dirt trails.®

It’s no secret what makes Cuyuna sizzle.
This year we celebrate a decade of being
the King of the Range by growing our
original 25 miles of trail to a solid 70.

That’s a whole lot more to love about Cuyuna.

Surrounded by a
purpose-built town
filled with purpose-
driven people

With makers, artisans, brewers, crafters,
writers, photographers, teachers, doctors,
nurses, engineers, and most importantly,

No matter where you stay, it’s ride in, ride out.

Get here and park the car until further
notice. When everything is connected, you’ll have a
profound ability to connect not only to the
Cuyuna outdoors, but to your friends, family
and ultimately, yourself.

It’s #Autumn Prime in #Cuyuna - only here 1x a year. #magic ...

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Autumn Prime. #Iconic is the best way to describe this season. Portsmouth Mine Lake, a few feet off the Cuyuna Lakes State Paved Trail at sunset moments ago. #Cuyuna #magicalplace #onlyinmn ...

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When you’re riding over and through the monster boulders of Rocky Flats, you’re riding over bedrock that was once hundreds of feet beneath the surface. This man-made plateau is where miners dumped rock during the final days of mining in the Mahnomen Unit and we’re so glad they did! #cuyuna #adventure #advtwnusa #trailtuesday #mtb #mtbtrails #mtbtwnmin ...

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This Monday (9/18) is “LAST CALL” to order your #Cuyuna team winter fat cycling kit. Heavyweight jersey ($80) and thermal vest ($90) with delivery to your door by Nov 17th right in time for the #winter wonder season. Jersey also features the @ridetherange logo on right sleeve and $5 of every purchase is donated to the @cuyunalakesmtb Crew for their year-round maintenance. Plan ahead. Be ready. Let’s roll! ...

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Mid-September sun setting atop Miner’s Mountain. Larger than life and full of rare colors. #cuyuna ...

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Cuyuna’s sister city is Bentonville. Bentonville is in Arkansas. The capital of Arkansas is Little Rock. Little Rock is in Cuyuna. 🤯 Our own Little Rock trail is just a b-line off Haul Road. This trail incorporates flat, red rocks for a fun-yet-technical rock feature.

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Cuyuna winter thermal fat cycling kit now on sale. Heavyweight jersey + Thermal vest = Being prepared for winter. $5 of each sale goes direct to trail maintenance. Shop our team store at ...

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Switchbacks provide a way up a steep hill without going straight up. These zig-zag roadways are commonly used by trucks and railcars in open-pit mines. True to its name, Switchback serpentines back and forth, connecting Portsmouth and Mahnomen Trail Units. Along the way, catch views of Pennington and Mahnomen Mine Lakes.

Note: The mine lake pictured here is Minnesota’s deepest inland lake at a mere 525 feet deep. Go, Mahnomen Mine Lake, go! #cuyuna #adventure #advtwnusa #trailtuesday #mtb #mtbtrails #mtbtwnmin

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It’s on! Up to 50% off on your favorite Cuyuna Adventure Town USA tees, hats, water bottles and jerseys. FREE SHIPPING on all orders of $30 and above. 10% of each sale is donated to the mountain bike trail maintenance.

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Full blue 🌝 over the #Cuyunaverse tonight. ...

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Mining trucks used haul roads—also known as “haulage roads” or “haul tracks”—to move rock to the crusher or to remove overburden. Cuyuna’s Haul Road is a wonderful 2.5-mile singletrack loop with flow trail and views of Manuel Mine Lake and @redriderresort. After successfully completing the adaptive cycling trails in the Sagamore Unit, Haul Road is one of the best trails for new cyclists to begin their singletrack Cuyuna off-road cycling adventure.

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