Just minutes from downtown Crosby on Hwy. 6, nestled in the woods is your private, woodland sanctuary—Cuyuna Cove. It’s the perfect place to escape for a weekend of reading, writing, forest bathing, or self-reflection—also a very good spot to unwind between red-dirt rides and clear-blue-water adventures.

Cuyuna Cove was born from locals Christopher and Kelsey’s desire to share Cuyuna’s beauty and outdoor adventures. There’s no denying that the property’s unique features connect people to nature, bringing a sense of peace to both mind and spirit.

Choose from one of four boutique cabins—Alstead, Mangan, June, and Louise—that sit adjacent to each other (you’d never know it from the inside), or stay in the deluxe cabin—Acro—for a little more privacy Special note: The deluxe cabin was to be named after the Arco Open Pit Mine, now the Arco Mine Lake. As spelling goes, the letters were switched around as the signs were made. However, as legends go, sometimes a new look at an established name is always a good way to smile. (Cuyuna Cove also offer a canvas cabin tent Cuyuna camping experience).

Let’s talk about the space. Cuyuna Cove’s use of design and thoughtful details creates a perfect concert of harmony that makes you instantly relax the moment you set eyes on the interior—starting with stunning floor-to-ceiling glass.

When you step inside, the first thing you’ll notice is the incredible window overlooking a small, natural pond and woodland. And during the daytime, mood-boosting, natural light floods the entire living space, adding to the sense of calm that the clean design already achieves. Thoughtful details from hand-rolled towels and high-end bath soaps to fair-trade coffee and French presses provide an extra injection of comfort and peace.

Inspired by tiny living, each 215 sq. ft. cabin is cozy, but not crammed, and appropriately outfitted with everything you need for a relaxing vacation in the woods. Think simple meets high-end with a modern Scandinavian feel. Perfect for two adults and a child (but could really be a nice solo getaway, too!). It’s also worth noting that the Alstead cabin is ADA accessible.

All cabins include a queen bed and cot, kitchenette, bathroom, patio, and a private storage locker that holds up to three mountain bikes. You won’t find a TV here. Cuyuna Cove is all about unplugging, turning off your phones and connecting to nature and those around you—but if you must bring your screens, WIFI is available.

The bathrooms deserve a special mention—these are not typical bathrooms. These are chic, ultra-modern bathrooms that use color, texture, and décor to create a spa-like feel. The showers even contribute to a mindful experience—they are open and airy, and include a window that allows sunlight to fill the space (with privacy in mind, of course). The Acro cabin features Cuyuna’s first and only outdoor, cascading water therapy experience (also known as an outdoor shower). In addition to the shower inside, Acro’s outdoor shower allows you to bask in nature while you bathe. It’s private on three sides, with the open side facing tree foliage. Think summer, think heat, think open air. Think natural.

Enjoy your morning coffee or just breathe in some fresh, Cuyuna air on your private verandah—and don’t worry too much about the neighbors. Non-intrusive privacy shields will make you forget they’re even there. Should you want some company, you might find some at the shared firepit in the woods. For a magical walk, check it out at night—hanging tree lights illuminate the way. If you’re staying in the Acro cabin you’ll get your own, private firepit (bonus!).

Cuyuna Cove is ride in/ride out lodging, taking about a minute to reach the Cuyuna Lakes Paved Trail, where you can access the mountain bike trails immediately. Should you want to leave your forest oasis and explore Crosby, MN, Cuyuna Cove isn’t far from town either. Located just minutes from downtown Crosby (only a half mile from Red Raven), you’re close to shopping, dining, and brews, the good life!

If you are looking for a calm, relaxing getaway, you’ll find it at Cuyuna Cove.