The Cuyuna Lakes State Trail is officially 9 miles in total length from the City of Deerwood trailhead to the City of Riverton trailhead. We cycled it tonight to get the official answer as we honestly didn’t know. When departing from the Deerwood trail head it’s 3 miles to the Hallett Community Center, 3.75 miles to the HWY 6 multi-use pedestrian tunnel, 5 miles to the City of Ironton/HWY 30/CCSRA entrance, 5.75 miles to the Miner’s Mountain Rally Center trailhead, 8.5 miles to The Happy Otter Wood Fired Pizza, 9.0 miles to Riverton trailhead. (All mileage provided above is one-way, one-direction). Go all the way back to Deerwood and it’s 18 miles total. A wonderful outdoor recreation opportunity for those currently sheltering in place near this place. And a great extra day activity for visitor travel in the future! Special note for those with road bikes, there’s a short gravel section prior to the City of Crosby / HWY 31. The State continues to work to get this section approved for paving.

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