Cuyuna Outfitters has everything you need to successfully adventure in Cuyuna’s tall green trees and clear blue water.

Kayak rentals? Check.
Inflatable paddle board rentals? Check.
Glass-bottom kayak rentals? Check!

You read correctly. Glass-bottom kayaks that allow you to peer into Cuyuna’s 40-foot water clarity from within your vessel. Sunfish even love to stop by and say hello! Cuyuna Outfitters also provides delivery of the water vessels that are not inflatable. Now that’s service with a smile!

And there is more!

You love Cuyuna’s woods, and Cuyuna Outfitters in Crosby also provides rentable, off-road, ultra-light campers that fit two adults and two kids. We have a bunkhouse style that sleeps 5 and the off-road campers can sleep up to 4 with the addition of a rooftop tent. Do you want to experience camping without having to buy a camper? Call Cuyuna Outfitters! The trailers are sized right to be movable by one person, so it will be a cinch to attach it to the hitch on your adventure rig (Car, Truck, or SUV) and head to your optimum place in the woods.

And there is more!

What if the weather becomes much more warm, cold, or wet than you planned or packed for? Cuyuna Outfitters once again thought ahead for all of us with their in-stock camping and clothing gear.

And did you know Cuyuna Outfitters also rents “smokeless,” environmentally friendly fire pits? Yup—perfect to set-up anywhere, even indoors. (Not kidding!)

Cuyuna Outfitters also provides:

  • Gasless camper stoves (for sale and rent).
  • Camping-grade, French-press, pour-over coffeemaker (for sale and rent).
  • Dog friendly items.

Bottom line: Cuyuna Outfitters delivers on high-quality adventure products without the super-high, premium price. They also live and work here, so they know here, and can ensure you are successful on your Cuyuna adventure—no matter what flavor of adventure you have on tap.

It’s purposefully located just a few paces south of Red Raven and the Highway 210/6 intersection, just off Main Street in Crosby. Visit Cuyuna Outfitters online to reserve your equipment and start crafting your own one-of-a-kind Cuyuna story!