Cuyuna Sauna – Mobile Wood-fired Sauna Rentals

Sauna—embrace the full Cuyuna experience.

The co-owners of Cuyuna Sauna, Jason Steinke and Nick Stokman, grew up in Cuyuna, MN and they still love it here. They realized the opportunity to bring home the experience of sauna, especially for visitors who are riding the mountain bicycle trails or enjoying the area in other ways.

“People need a post-ride experience to complement their cycling experience,” said Nick Stokman. “I grew up on Serpent Lake and did a wood-fired sauna every day. Now, summer or winter, cyclists, hikers, paddlers, fisherfolk—anyone!—can spend the day enjoying their favorite Cuyuna recreation. Afterward, they can relax and sauna in the evening with our mobile wood-fired sauna rentals delivered right to their doorstep—wherever they are located. It’s a great way for visitors to expand on their Cuyuna experience and create memories!”

Sauna tops off the complete Cuyuna Adventure Town USA experience. Besides just feeling good, there are many benefits to sauna. From après ride enjoyment, to stress-reduction, flushing toxins, brain health, and more. One study even showed that regular saunas (4–7 times per week) lowered the risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Cuyuna Sauna will deliver their wood-fired sauna to your home, rental, or event seven days a week with no delivery range! All it needs for set-up is a level surface. All sauna rentals include the delivery and pick up of a fully cleaned sauna, training in how to operate it, firewood, and a water bucket with ladle (to pour water on the hot rocks).

Wood-fired heat that reaches 180 degrees and a genuine cedar lining further help you soak in the authentic sauna experience. It holds six to eight people comfortably, so you’ll have room for family and friends, too.

And speaking of “soak in,” they also offer a “Cold Plunge” to enhance your sauna. If the nearby lake is frozen or there’s no snow to scoop, the Cold Plunge is a large, portable trough filled with ice and water you can hop into after your sauna.

Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, don’t wait to make your reservation—the word about a new mobile sauna spreads fast.

( co-founder, Aaron, photographed the award-winning book on sauna. Check out the sauna book here.)