Alpine forest.
Close to everything.

The Cuyuna Wattage Cottage perfectly threads the needle on everything you want, exactly where you want it. Enjoy being surrounded with peace-of-mind privacy—6.3 acres of wooded, peace-of-mind privacy to be exact.

Carved atop one of the tallest Cuyuna Hills, on the beautiful “East Side” of the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area, the Wattage Cottage provides immediate ride-in, ride-out access to the Yawkey Unit of mountain bicycling trails. It is also currently the closest lodging available to the new Cruser’s Kettle mountain bicycling trail—8 miles of backcountry, single-track riding bliss.

Yet, the Wattage Cottage is just a few clicks north of the City of Crosby, at a very rideable distance for food, beverages, and fun. Close, but not too close, if you know what we mean.

Throughout its architecture and interior design, the Wattage Cottage takes the best of mountain chalet life and marries 22nd century technology and warmth. With its thoughtful design and innovative construction, it’s easy to see why Wattage Cottage was recognized as the Best Overall Residential project of 2020 by the International Structural Insulated Panel Builder’s Association.


  • Two wonderful bedrooms (king bed in the first bedroom, queen bed in the second bedroom—the large window in the king bedroom is beyond wonderful)
  • A large, second-floor loft with 2 twin bunk beds (a kingdom for kids)
  • One well-appointed bathroom
  • A kitchen destined for culinary excellence (full kitchen, gas grill outside on the panoramic, elevated patio, and an espresso machine with beans provided)
  • A living room intended for relationship, featuring a gas—“let’s hang out here awhile”—fireplace

And gear. The Wattage Cottage understands its bedrock as an adventure outpost and provides secure bike storage with gear lockers, shelves, and hooks in the garage. And to put your mind at ease, there is also an outdoor security camera aimed at the garage and driveway.

Let’s talk heating and cooling. The Wattage Cottage has in-floor heat—which makes winter so dang cozy—and of course, air conditioning comes standard for Cuyuna’s summer heat.

Now, brace yourself, here’s the 22nd century cool part you are going to love! The Wattage Cottage is completely off-the-grid. We call it Cuyuna’s home-of-the-future and it’s run by solar energy. And don’t worry, there is a propane-powered generator that backs up the cottage during high energy use (it starts on its own, don’t worry, you don’t have to start it), and an appropriately sized battery backup is ready to provide electricity if the Cuyuna Wattage Cottage experiences multiple days of cloudy skies.

It was purpose-built to be efficient—its walls feature 14-inch-thick, graphite-infused styrofoam with an R value of 45. This means that in the winter, it would take three full days for the internal temperature to drop from 70 degrees to 55 degrees. Dang, I wish our house did that!

It also has WiFi, but not your normal, everyday WiFi. The Wattage Cottage was chosen by SpaceX as one of the first locations to connect to their new global “Starlink” satellite internet constellation. Once again, Cuyuna is a brave pioneer in space. With the fastest high-speed internet in the region and download speeds of 150Mb/s, you’ll have no issues streaming movies or working off your company server.

The Wattage Cottage is located directly across HWY 31 from the Yawkey Unit of the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area and, the next time you look at the water level of the Yawkey Mine Lake, imagine 330 feet above the water—that’s how elevated the alpine Wattage Cottage is across the road. It proudly rests atop natural hills that the glaciers formed quite a few years ago.

There’s only one Cuyuna, and for sure, there’s only one Cuyuna Wattage Cottage. Staying here will be an adventure in itself. Enjoy it!