Presenting the Deerwood Good road cycling route: a 30-mile loop that starts and finishes at Cykel in Ironton. You’ll enjoy the backroads of Ironton and the south shore of Serpent Lake before heading through the City of Deerwood and into the wonderful rolling-hill and lake country to the southeast. The majority of the roads on this route are Crow Wing County asphalt roads, however, after cycling past Ruttger’s on Bay Lake, State Highway 6 provides a section of higher-traffic road that experienced road cyclists will be accustomed to—a narrow shoulder, rumble strip, and frequent automobile traffic. This is not ideal for beginning cyclists or families.

If the shoulders are clear of snow, sand, and standing water (they were clear before the recent snowfall) this route is a great taste of the Deerwood countryside. It’s Deerwood Good. And best yet, you can ride it on a road bike, a gravel bike, a mountain bike, even a fat bike if you want. Cycle on!

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