Grand Cuyuna Antique Challenge

In the city of Crosby.

Prior to human-powered outdoor recreation taking Cuyuna by storm, the streets of Crosby were known as the “Antique Capital of the World.” Today, you’ll still see the anchor tenants of that time—antique shops stuffed with everything imaginable. Antiquing is still one of the most popular things to do in Crosby. Browsing Crosby antiques is a great rainy-day idea or a day-of-rest-from-cycling idea—or if you practice homesteading and sustainable living, you may find useful tools and items you can use. And if you’re into Pabst Blue Ribbon or any “original” Minnesota beer in the days before the craft-beer movement, you’re sure to find more than 50 pitchers.

Is your group looking for things to do in Crosby? Take your picking to the next level and make it a team challenge. Divide up your crew and take one hour to explore Crosby antiques and buy the coolest, most unusual find. Set a $20 limit (and remember the shopkeepers may be willing to bargain!) so everyone pays the same amount. When the time is up, meet at a local brewery or coffeeshop and, as a group, vote for the best shopping-savvy find. The winner gets bragging rights until you come back next time. Or, you can even go to the Shirt-Shop on Main Street Crosby and get yourself a customized Championship Shirt. (No promises that they can make it that day, but hey, I’ll bet they could ship it!)