Get to know the Locals Lunch Loop, a great 15-mile road ride loop that starts and finishes at Cykel in Ironton. Officially named, because locals (or at least myself, Aaron) like to spin this route for a quick one-hour hot lap (depending on the wind) in the middle of the week.

The start of this ride will take you immediately north of the City of Ironton and past the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area on Crow Wing County Highway 30, and bring you past the mining towns of Trommald and even the ghost town of Manganese.

About 6.5 miles into the ride, you’ll cycle past the Milford Memorial Mine Memorial (just before crossing State Highway 6).  If the weather is ideal (warm temps and dry dirt) Milford is a must-stop along your way. For more on the Milford Mine Memorial, click here.

From there you’ll continue across State Highway 6 and eventually turn southbound on Crow Wing County Highway 31 heading toward the City of Cuyuna. When you are in the namesake town for our region, you have the opportunity to stop at the Woodtick Inn in Cuyuna for a pint and a pizza. Weather permitting, their outdoor patio is hard to argue with in the summer. (If you are cycling this route on your lunch break, you will likely not have enough time for a pint). blush

All of the roads on this route are Crow Wing County asphalt roads, we’ve seen that riding this route in the middle of the day 10a–3p is best for the least amount of automobile traffic. As always though, remember to wear high-vis apparel (blaze orange is our favorite), mount a rear-facing blinking light on your saddle post, and  follow all the rules of the road. Links provided below.

Locals Lunch Loop is a great route for both early spring, late fall, and any day that the mountain bicycle trails are temporarily closed due to moisture or the Minnesota Rifle Deer Hunting Season.

Enjoy it on a road bike, a gravel bike, a mountain bike, even a fat bike if you want.

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