All Trails E-Bikes

Interested in riding Cuyuna, but worried about pedaling all the hills of red dirt glory? Worry no more. Introducing: All Trails E-bikes.

Owners Melissa and Andy started All Trails E-bikes as a way to use their passion for cycling to help others get out on the trails and experience adventure by offering e-bike rentals in the Twin Cities and in Cuyuna. And they make it super easy!

To book your e-bike rental for Cuyuna, visit their website, choose the date and time you want to ride (9a or 2p), select the trailhead (you can also rent e-bikes for the Paul Bunyan Trail), and show up. When the day and time comes, they’ll meet you there with your e-bikes and helmets, bike locks, cargo bags, and water bottle holders. (And they pick them up when you’re done!)

Each rental is good for three hours—a perfect amount of time to explore our red dirt promised land. If you’re new to Cuyuna (or want to experience it through different eyes), we highly recommend getting one of their tour guides. It’s so much fun having a guide who knows our region, trails, and stories!

And, keep in mind, these e-bikes can be used for all types of cycling, including:

All Trails E-bikes provides “adventures bikes” intended for fun, adventure rides by those who have already mastered basic bike handling skills. (Note: These are not race e-bikes and they do not have full suspension. They do have a front fork for suspension intended to provide a wonderful tour of the trails.). Learn more about their e-bikes, here.

And, if you happen to fall in love with your e-bike on your tour, you can buy it after the ride. Fun!

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