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Discover 7.5 miles of adaptive biking trails at Cuyuna’s Sagamore Unit.

Do you love the outdoors, but are challenged by the lack of universal, adaptive biking trails—both within the State of Minnesota and the Midwest?

The new, purpose-built, adaptive cycling trails in Cuyuna’s Sagamore Unit are the largest interconnected trail network in Minnesota.

Sagamore’s 7.5 miles of trails can be cycled without the need to trailer a bicycle and drive to another location. This can be time-consuming and more complicated, especially when a cyclist needs to transport their bicycle to another trail. With Cuyuna’s interconnected, adaptive mountain biking trails at the Sagamore Unit, the cycling enjoyment can continue for 7.5 miles!

In addition to being interconnected, another attraction of adaptive trails is that they are universal—allowing those of all ages and with all skill levels to enjoy riding together. The trails have gentler, more gradual terrain with no ride-stopping obstacles or tip hazards. They also have a greater width to allow for the wider wheel-base of adaptive bicycles.

Another feature of the adaptive trails is they are a great family bicycling destination—three generations can bicycle together, while experiencing the Sagamore Forest. The adaptive mountain biking trails are more user-friendly for novice bicyclists, for younger bicyclists, or for those who may be older and appreciate the additional width to navigate the trails more easily. The natural dirt trails have all the fun and flow of traditional singletrack trails, but without being on the edge of narrower, overburden trails.

The following trails at the Sagamore Unit are interconnected—they can all be enjoyed without needing to pack up the bicycle and travel to another trailhead.

Sagamore Parking Lot

20939 County Road 59, Ironton, MN

Sagamore Unit of universal, adaptive biking trails:

White adaptive

Copper Nugget

  • Rating: easiest.
  • Distance: 0.5 miles.
  • Grade: 3% average, 5% max.
  • Width: 5’–6′
  • Surface: Packed dirt

White adaptive


  • Rating: easiest.
  • Distance: 2.7 miles
  • Grade: 3% average, 5% max
  • Width: 5’–6′
  • Surface: Packed dirt.

Green adaptive


  • Rating: easy
  • Distance: 1.2 miles
  • Grade: 4% average, 6% max
  • Width: 5′
  • Surface: Packed dirt

Blue adaptive


  • Rating: more difficult
  • Distance: 3 miles
  • Grade: 5% average, 8% max
  • Width: 4’–5′
  • Surface: Packed dirt, rocks, bridges.