Maybe I’m biased (Aaron speaking here), or maybe Trailside makes all the flavors of food I love, but check out this menu lineup below. Seriously, we don’t even have to talk about the food—the names sell themselves.

·  Blackened prime rib sandwich
·  Bison tacos
·  Cajun shrimp tacos
·  St. Louis ribs
·  Bacon blue bison burger
·  Tavern burger with A-1 sauce (A-1 sauce is the perfect touch).
·  Tomato bisque soup—they feature a different, house-made soup of the day, every day.
·  Applewood smoked wings—these are the signature, must-have item in our book.

That’s a lot of meat! There are salads, too—a house side, or house dinner, or even soup-and-salad combo.

Trailside Tavern delivers a serious lineup of “break-from-the-norm” lunch and dinner experiences, created and served by an amazing group of Crosby-Ironton locals. Mike, Pete, Vern, and many more have brought the Trailside Tavern & Patio to life. We believe that when you dine here, you’ll feel like you belong, and will likely even get the inside scoop of what’s happening from a local.

Trailside offers three options for dining seating:

1)    Dining that faces Main Street and is separate from the bar. Well-spaced tables share the area with TV monitors and video games.

2)    Additional seating is adjacent to the historic bar, with seating options thoughtfully placed throughout the space.

3)    The outdoor patio features bike storage for your lunch or après-ride calorie infusion delight.

And, wow, we’re this far into the story and we didn’t mention all the craft beer Trailside has on tap—not to mention mixed drinks and cocktails fired up by the friendly staff. If you want to shop and dine locally, you can’t get any closer to home than Trailside. We celebrate their honoring of Cuyuna’s past, as we also build upon our outdoor recreation feature. Well done, all ya’ll!