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Mobile service provided in Aitkin, Crosby, and surrounding areas.


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If you don’t know where to start on the mountain bike trails, start with Unbound Adventures.

Not only does Unbound Adventures provide guided tours of the mountain bike trails, they also take care of everything except your pedaling. They bring direct to the trailhead their own fleet of mountain bikes, equipment, and helmets for your cycling adventure. No waiting lines—you’ll have red dirt priority access to the mountain bike trails. If you already know your away around or just want to explore on your own, they also offer straight-up mobile bike rentals (mountain, eMountain, and gravel bikes) that include delivery and pickup from your location!

Local owners, Ashley and Andrew Gustafson, created Unbound Adventures to deliver the best possible introduction to the mountain bike trails for new mountain bikers. Ashley is a certified BICP Bicycle Instructor Certification Program Ride Leader with a background in triathlons. Andrew enjoyed shredding the red of Arizona’s mountain bike trails and guiding youth mountain bike rides (and canoe trips) before moving north to Cuyuna. Combined, they bring a team approach to every guided adventure they lead.

In addition to your guided tour on the trails, Ashley and Andrew provide:

  • Hardtail and full-suspension Diamondback mountain bikes from their own maintained fleet of mountain bikes. Helmets too.
  • Prior to your guided ride, you’ll learn about the etiquette of riding on the mountain bike trails. (Super valuable advice!)
  • You’ll also have a chat about cycling safety, and a pre-ride safety talk including tips on how to cycle on natural surface trails. Please note, this is not a full-skills training clinic/session.
  • Then you’ll be guided on the red dirt trails by Ashley and Andrew at the pace you are comfortable with. There are no time trials, no top-speed competitions, just good, clean, honest fun.
  • Ashley and Andrew’s goal is to not only provide your group an amazing tour experience, but to also leave you with the confidence to venture out on your own the next time.

Unbound Adventures has the ability to guide up to 10 individuals per session—2-hour tours are available. Groups of 6 have the ability to request private tours and to select the time and date that works best for their group. In general, guided tours are scheduled every Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. (For a local tip, Sunday afternoons are an amazing time to ride Cuyuna.) Ashley and Andrew will meet you at the designated trailhead with your bikes and equipment. (EASY!)

As you consider booking your group tourUnbound is ready to guide your upcoming:

  • Date night
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette outings
  • Family Trips
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Surprise them with an idea!

Mobile Bike Rentals
Book it, and they will come. If you just need a mountain bike rental, or an eMountain bike rental, Unbound Adventures is your solution. They’ll deliver the bike to you at the trailhead and will also pick it up! (Nice!)

If you want to take your cycling adventure outside of the rec area, Unbound Adventures also offers gravel bike rentals that are great for traversing the Cuyuna Hills and the Gravel Alps of Aitkin County (the paved Cuyuna Lakes State Trail, too).

If you’re not sure where to go, check out our gravel/pavement loops (Woodtick 40-Mile Loop, Woodtick 70-Mile Loop, Woodtick 100-Mile Loop)

(Oh, and they offer mobile kayak rentals, too!)

As another local tip, we highly suggest a guided tour of the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area if you are new to mountain biking or new to Cuyuna. Once an experienced Cuyuna guide showcases how best to navigate the trails based on your comfort/experience level, the confidence you’ll have for your next ride will be much higher compared to learning the trail system on your own.

Ok, enough reading, book your guided tour or bike rental online today!