The way we like to describe Victual is that they provide the best product of every item you could ever possibly want, but you didn’t know you wanted it until you walked through their front door. Not kidding—you’ll see what we mean. Victual is like the best possible Country Store if your taste buds favor the exquisite versus the ordinary.

Starting with being the smallest liquor store in Minnesota (more on that later) to their artisan cheeses, delectable crackers, and mouthwatering charcuterie (cured meats), you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything that won’t make your Cuyuna cottage, cabin, or condo experience better.

Need more convincing? You’ll love their small-batch chocolate, uncommon salsas (with absolutely gut-splitting funny names), infused maple syrup, greeting cards, glassware, and bitters that allow you to craft the best darn cocktails, ever.

Speaking of cocktails, let’s head to Victual’s back room. In a space no larger than a Volkswagen Beetle, you’ll discover a paradise of small-batch, artisan-made, wine and distilled spirits. Trust us—you’ll enjoy this experience.

Need still more icing on the Victual cake? Brace yourself. At Victual you can also get small-batch, artisan-made ice cream. Yup, they make it onsite. Click Rave Creamworks to get the scoop.

Long story short, each and every product within the walls of Victual is purposefully selected and as regionally local as possible. You will not only buy a product, you’ll learn a story, and gain a wonderful experience. In all of our domestic and international travels, we’ve never met another Victual. Salud!