The Serpent Lake Loop. Starting and finishing at the Crosby Park (parking is currently available by the Skate Board park as the Park proper is currently-closed) you’ll take the designated bike route (note the in-city route is on streets that share the roadway with automobiles, please follow all the rules of the road) through the City of Crosby to the paved trail and off to the City of Deerwood. From that point forward you’ll be on roads (not a paved trail) open to auto traffic around the south side of Serpent Lake eventually heading right back into Crosby. NOTE: This is a cycling route better suited for more experienced cyclists as you’ll be sharing roads with automobiles and as a cyclist, please follow all the appropriate traffic signs, hand signals, high viz clothing and rules of the road. Also highly recommend the rear facing warning light on the bicycle to make yourself even more easy to see. Total tour is just under 9 miles and it’s a nice way to inject new scenery into your weekly outdoor recreation. Enjoy! We’ll get this route loaded to our website later this week so y’all can check it out!

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