Check out the Cuyuna Lakes Loop! The start/finish is at our Cykel friends in Ironton and from there you’ll enjoy a 20-mile paved trail and road tour of Ironton, Riverton, Deerwood, and Crosby.

At Cykel , head north out of the City of Ironton, then go west on the Cuyuna Lakes State Paved Trail. Be aware that after you reach the end of the paved trail near the City of Riverton, the route shifts and travels along both County and State Highways. This means the route is for experienced road cyclists and is not recommended for new cyclists or families.

At the end of the paved trail, you will ride County Highway 128. This short segment has no paved shoulder, but then you’ll reach County Highway 59, which features a five-foot-wide paved shoulder.

Next, you’ll cycle onto State Highway 210, which has higher numbers of motorized traffic use—plan your route accordingly to take advantage of drive times with less traffic. Wear high-vis clothing (blaze orange is our favorite) and mount a rear-facing blinking light on your saddle post.

You’ll appreciate discovering that State Highway 210 has recently been repaved and has a wide shoulder, so you’ll immediately feel your pace picking up. After you travel along the Highway 210 segment, you’ll cycle a longer section on County Highway 12. Be aware that even though County Highway 12 has a wide shoulder, it is cracked and would be more suited to cycling with a gravel bicycle (to reduce vibration), rather than a dedicated road bicycle.

After you leave County Highway 12, the next sections of the ride have less traffic—including Woodland Road, Rider Road, Lake Road, and eventually Beach Road on the south side of scenic Serpent Lake. Even though these roads have reduced automobile traffic, please follow all the rules of the road.

You will continue your spin along the south shore of Serpent Lake via Forest Lane and Cross Drive, until you again cross State Highway 210 in the City of Deerwood. Continue on Serpent Road east, then take Maple Road east to the entry point of the Cuyuna Lakes State Paved trail in the City of Deerwood.

From there, cycle forward and enjoy the views of the north side of Serpent Lake. You will eventually reach Deer Trail Drive where the paved trail exits users onto the gravel surface of Deer Trail Drive. The property owner adjacent to this segment did not allow paved trail access to their land, which is why the paved trail stops in this section.

Continue west on Deer Trail Drive, cross County Highway 31, and then head west on 8th Street NE—the paved trail begins again just before you reach Hallett Community Center. From there, you are cycling on the paved trail until you arrive back in the City of Ironton and to your start/finish at Cykel .

The Cuyuna Lakes Loop is another great cycling adventure for those wanting to shake it up, looking to spin the pedals when the trails are closed for weather-related reasons, or for those who just want to enjoy something new.

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